Hotel and Dormitory Enisia Namba in Dotonbori, Osaka


Our hotel is like an oasis in the middle of a big city, among many sightseeing spots. Take one step outside of the home-like comfort of our space and into a treasure trove of entertainment.


At Enisia namba we hope people who love travelling in Japan and abroad will enjoy our “at home” dormitory with its amazing location and affordable price.

Relax as if you were at home here in Osaka, Japan. Our warm and friendly interior, reassuring security system, clean and meticulously cared for facilities, and bright and smiling staff will make your trip more enjoyable. Take one step outside of our relaxed and quiet hotel into the middle of downtown Osaka and Dotonbori, where our hotel appears like an oasis.

With more than 100 beds, this is also a great place to interact with fellow travellers.
Travellers from all over the world meet at our hotel, so come find a wonderful once in a lifetime encounter here today.


  • Company name: Entrance Japan
  • Location: Umeda Kita Place 9th floor, 1-14-8 Shibata Kita-ku Osaka
  • Telephone: 06-6136-3330
  • Established: January 7, 2010
  • Budget Hotel Business License: 大阪市指令 大 保環 第 10114号