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Japanese Rainy Season

Japanese Rainy Season

In most parts of Japan, the rainy season lasts from the beginning of June to mid July with its long, continuous rains. The rainy season, Tsuyu or Baiyu in Japanese literally means plum rain, because it is the season of Japanese plum fruit ripening.

During this season, you should take an umbrella with you just in case, even if it is not raining when you go out in the morning. Though it is considered absolutely normal for Japanese people, many foreigners think that it is a distinctly Japanese behavior. In the U.S. and Europe, many people do not take out their umbrella for light rain. This may be because their climates tend to be drier, and their rainy seasons are shorter than that of Japan. And it is said that Japanese people have a tendency to dislike getting wet, they prefer to use umbrellas instead of raincoats because of high-temperature and high-humidity environment.

Anyway, there are some advantages of visiting Japan during this rainy season. For example, travel plans or activities are cheaper during this season. Furthermore, some sights can be very attractive in rain, especially temples, gardens and hot springs. All you need is rain protection!

You can find free rental umbrellas near the reception. Just take umbrellas out when you need them and return to us!