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Katuouji Temple is famous for…

Katuouji Temple is famous for…

Hello, everyone!


Have you ever been to Katsuouji temple  in Mino city, Osaka?


This temple is famous for LUCK because Katsuouji (勝尾寺)’s Kanji is including 勝(this kanji means winning).

So many people who want a luck and want to win coming this temple.


You can see a lot of “Daruma” (tumbling doll).

Many people think that it will be luck and you can win by

dedicating and praying for Daruma.


Katsuouji temple is not only a Luck but also you can see “Hydrangea” garden in this season.

You can get a luck and check this beautiful garden!



Hostel enisia NAMBA

Osaka Metro  Namba sta.

↓ About 25 min

Senricyuuou sta.

Take a taxi : about 20 min

Take a Hankyu Bus :about 30 min