Hotel and Dormitory Enisia Namba in Dotonbori, Osaka


Night Zoo🐅

Night Zoo🐅

Hello everyone!!


It is the end of August but how have you been guys doing?


I am going to introduce about night zoo in Osaka this time.


The atmosphere feels completely different at night.^^


I highly recommend a savannah area.

You can also see a white bear ^^


Notice in night zoo

* Flash NG (An animal is startling.)

* Bringing in of alcohol is prohibited.

* Entrance regulation is sometimes done.

* Only an entry to “eye Far” in a reptile ecology house is until 19:45.

* Congestion will be based on directions to the expected staff.


500 yen for an adult

Small size and 200 yen for a junior high school student

It’s free entering kindergarten child-lessly.

A holding schedule is Sunday on the 7th, Saturday, October 6 for 8 days (month and holiday) next time, so please enjoy^^