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Trip to Philippins 2018 (Boracay Island)

Trip to Philippins 2018 (Boracay Island)

Hello, it’s MINA.  Few days ago, I went to Philippines for my vacation for 8 days.

This time, I went to Boracay Island and Manila. As you know, Boracay Island is gonna closed for

cleaning from April 26th for 6 months. So, I was a very lucky to go there before closing the island.

Osaka to Manila is about 3~4 hours by plane, Manila to Boracay Island is about 1~2 hours by plane and boat.

In Island, I was chilling on the beach, swimming, went to the night club with new friends I met at the hostel etc.

Boracay island is REALLY amazing place, I really recommend you guys to go, if you wanna chilling and enjoy your nice time.

Then, I recommend the optional tour Island-Hopping at there.  We can go to islands and caves by boat, but it’s very fun and beautiful.

You can enjoy snorkeling as well. I was recommended it from Filipino, but it was right, you should join as well!

The below picture is PUKA beach. PUKA beach  was also beeeeeautiful!!!!!!




Also, let me recommend the hostel where I was staying in the island.


【W Hostel Boracay 】;label=bin859jc-hotel-XX-ph-wNhostelNboracay-unspec-jp-com-L%3Aja-O%3AwindowsS10-B%3Aedge-N%3Ayes-S%3Abo-U%3Asalo-H%3As;sid=a


The location is PERFECT. It’s near White beach, night clubs, bars, restaurants, D-mall (shopping area) everywhere where you wanna go by walk.

The picture is White beach view when I went to there  before checking-in.

There is a roof top with a bar and a small pool as well. And the cost is very cheap. I highly recommend here if you are planning to go Boracay Island in the future.


On the next article, I will write about trip to Manila.