Hotel and Dormitory Enisia Namba in Dotonbori, Osaka



Let us introduce Enisia namba’s friendly staff. We hope you'll add coming to see us as one of the reasons for your trip.

  • Chihiro
  • Japan(OSAKA ・TOKYO)
  • Japanese・English
  • Travel・Music・Go to concert・Reading・Cafe hopping・Cat cafe hopping・Shopping
  • I hope that everyone will feel homey at here and feel free to talk to me !
  • Masa
  • Japan(OSAKA)
  • Japanese・English
  • Soccer,・Cross fit・Dance
  • Hi! I'm Masa coming straight outta Osaka.So excited not only to host you but to also show you my hood.
  • Mina
  • Japan(HOKKAIDO)
  • Japanese・English・Chinese (Mandarin but a little bit)
  • Traveling alone・photography・study foreign languages
  • Please feel free to speak to me anytime. Let’s hang out sometimes? Enjoy Osaka~:)
  • Tomo
  • Japan(OSAKA)
  • Japanese・English・Korean(Beginner level)
  • walk-and-eat・tours,movies,music
  • Hello! I am Tomo. Let's make some fun new memories together in Osaka.
  • Suzy
  • South Korea
  • Korean・Japanese・English
  • Manga・Anime・Travelling
  • Let's enjoy OSAKA together~ I'm looking forward to seeing you!
  • Makoto
  • Japan(OSAKA)
  • Japanese・English
  • Travel・Drinking
  • Hi there! I was born and raised in Namba, Osaka. If you have any questions about the city, I'll give you good advice for you.
  • Saki
  • Japan(OSAKA)
  • Japanese・English
  • I have a lot of hobbies.
  • I am looking forward to meeting all of you! YOLO!!


At Enisia namba we are hiring staff to provide incredible service to and make a good impression on travellers.

Reassuring support system for those with little experience

Most of the staff working at Enisia namba are university students and returnees from a working holiday, and most have little experience working at a guest house. Even those just beginning don’t have to worry, as you will get support from our experienced staff. We believe that an environment where you can grow as you work is one of the attractions of our hotel.

We are now hiring foreign staff

With Japan’s lack of diversity, your presence here as someone from another country is extremely valuable. We want to create a stimulating and fun space with a mutual respect for customers and staff coming from a wide range of hometowns and experiences. Please come and work together with us at Enisia namba. There are also many share houses for long term residents.

A work environment that values job satisfaction and growth

At Enisia namba, each person on our staff and their smile create a product called “omotenashi,” or “a spirit of hospitality.” If our staff can’t work while having fun and growing, the quality of our hospitality will decline, and our travellers’ special trip could be ruined. At Entrance Japan, we place the utmost importance on our staff’s work environment, and we promise an environment of continuing growth.

We fully support work-life balance

Enisia namba fully supports the compatibility of work with family-life and your studies. In order to do your best work, we believe you need to have a complete private and family life. With time off for things like travel, anniversaries, and other special time off, we do everything we can to cooperate with you.