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Golden Week

Golden Week

Golden Week has arrived in Japan. It is a collection of four national holidays within seven days starting from end of April to early May. It is an extremely crowded holiday season of which many Japanese like to travel to sightseeing spots in Japan and visit overseas countries as well. But Golden Week offers special deals such as exclusive discounts, activities, so it may be a good chance to visit Japan.

The national holidays that make up the Golden Week are as follows:

April 29 Shōwa Day

The birthday of Emperor Shōwa

May 3 Constitution Memorial Day

A day to commemorate the institution of the Constitution of Japan, and to reflect on the meaning of democracy and Japanese government.

May 4 Greenery Day

A day to commune with nature, to appreciate its blessings.

May 5 Children’s Day

A day, also called Boy’s Festival, to celebrate the healthy growth of children.


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